The Secure Times

An online forum of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law's Privacy and Information Security Committee

PRIS Committee

Welcome to The Secure Times Online Forum, an online forum of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law’s Privacy and Information Security Committee. This forum is a publication of the Privacy and Information Security Committee of the American Bar Association.

About the Committee.

The Privacy and Information Security Committee provides advice and support to its members on issues of privacy and information security, from both competition and consumer protection perspectives, on a federal, state and international level.

Maintaining and protecting the privacy and security of personally identifiable and sensitive information is one of the most pressing issues today facing policymakers, law enforcers, businesses and consumers, as can be seen in many recent legal developments:

  • The increasing numbers of privacy-related federal laws in the United States (including CAN-SPAM, GLBA, the FCRA and FACT Act, and related federal regulations).
  • State laws on security breach notification, data disposal, social security number information safeguard and other data security-related matters.
  • International laws and standards, such as the EU data protection directive, OECD privacy principles, APEC privacy framework and other national privacy and data protection laws.
  • The increasing importance of privacy and data security issues in the business decisions, for example, as they arise the context of mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing and marketing.

The Privacy and Information Security Committee addresses these issues through special programs, publications and other communications with members and prospective members. We publish a twice-annual newsletter, “The Secure Times,” and we also send brief emails on privacy and data security developments via our listserv. The Committee presents monthly meetings on privacy issues and regularly holds teleseminars and other informal meetings throughout the year on special topics. Recent programs have covered the EU directives, ChoicePoint’s data breach settlement with the FTC, social networking’s legal issues, and many different perspectives on US and international privacy and consumer protection issues.

To join the Privacy and Information Committee, please click here.  To subscribe to our listserv, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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