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Welcome to the redesigned and enhanced The Secure Times Online Forum, an online forum of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law’s Privacy and Information Security (PRIS) Committee. This forum is a publication of the Privacy and Information Security Committee of the American Bar Association. For those of you who are regular readers of The Secure Times, you will notice a new format including social media sharing “widgets” to more easily tweet, email, and share individual posts, as well as the ability to register for email notification of new posts. We warmly welcome new visitors and hope you will find these posts informative and insightful on timely developments in the exciting world of privacy and information security. Please check out the social media sharing and email notification features and check back often for privacy and information security updates.

Join the Privacy and Information Security Committee

We would like to invite all our readers to join the PRIS Committee of the ABA’s Antitrust Section. Members of the PRIS Committee may sign up for our listserv as well as attend valuable webinars, teleseminars and other programming on timely and important privacy and information security issues. To further keep our members apprised of key developments in privacy and information security, the PRIS Committee sponsors monthly privacy and information security update teleconferences where seasoned practitioners discuss and analyze the important developments of the prior month. Finally, the PRIS Committee holds networking and other events as well as provides writing opportunities for members interested in meeting other professionals in this area of the law and building their professional profiles. Our website posts information on upcoming and past events.

So, please check out our website and consider joining the Committee to avail yourself of the many resources the PRIS Committee has to offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the following leaders of the Committee: Chair—Erika Brown Lee; Vice Chairs—Bridget Calhoun, Aryeh Friedman, Josh Harris, Benita Kahn, Saira Nayak, Gail Slater, Kurt Wimmer; Young Lawyer Representative—Marie-Andree Weiss.

If you also practice in the consumer protection and/or private advertising litigation areas, please also visit the Consumer Protection Committee webpage and Private Advertising Litigation Committee webpage for information on these committees and how to join.

A Special Message to Young Lawyers and Law Students

If you are interested in developing a practice in privacy and information security, joining the PRIS Committee is one way to get involved with other practitioners as well as keep abreast of key developments in the law, obtain writing and speaking opportunities to build your professional profile, and attend networking and other events.

If you want to learn more about careers in this exciting field, please stay tuned, as PRIS will soon be co-sponsoring with the Young Lawyer Division’s Antitrust Law Committee a teleconference brown bag program on the Nuts and Bolts of Privacy and Information Security Law Practice. We will announce this event on our website and on The Secure Times.

New law school graduates can join the ABA at no cost for their first year out of law school. And Law Students can join for one year at a special Law Student Rate of $25. If you have just started law school (Congratulations!), you can choose to join for 3 years for $60. Once a member of the ABA, you can join the join the Section of Antitrust Law at a discounted rate of $10, and then join PRIS and other committees of interest at no additional costs.

An Invitation to International Attorneys

We would also like to extend a special invitation to international data privacy professionals who are interested in joining the PRIS Committee. We cover global privacy developments in our programming and welcome contributions and input from our international members as well. You can join the ABA as an International Law Associate, if you are an attorney admitted to practice law outside of the U.S., or as a General Associate, if you are not an attorney. The membership dues are $175. Once a member of the ABA, you can join the Section of Antitrust law for $60, then join the PRIS Committee and other committees of interest at no additional cost.

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing posts to The Secure Times. Thank you for visiting!

2013 Consumer Protection Conference – Washington, D.C.

Mark your calendars for February 7th , 2013 – the date of the Section’s bi-annual Consumer Protection Conference in Washington D.C.! The program will present not only a look back on the hot–button consumer issues from 2012 but, more importantly, will offer a roadmap of the full range of consumer issues going forward. Expert panels will feature senior representatives from the FTC, the CFPB and State AG offices. More information is available here. We hope you will be able to attend!

Author: Bridget Calhoun

D.C.-based partner at Crowell & Moring LLP and co-chair of the firm's Advertising & Product Risk Management group practicing in the areas of advertising, consumer protection, consumer product safety, privacy, and antitrust law.

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