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Facebook and Microsoft Privacy Setting Updates & Influence of EU Regulators

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Facebook released a new data privacy feature this past Friday. The feature consists of an introduction to how the account user’s information may be shared across Facebook. Everyone who creates a new Facebook account will be brought to the feature as part of the profile creation process.
In its post giving notice of the feature, Facebook mentioned that the feedback given by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office provided guidance for the feature’s development.
The development of the feature is another example of European data privacy regulators informing the practices of large US tech companies.
For instance, as noted in The Secure Times, Google has been in a tussle with European data privacy regulators throughout 2012 about changes to its privacy policy that it announced in January. And Microsoft’s recent update to its services agreement for Bing and Hotmail and other of its online services has not received very much attention in the US (at least as compared to Google’s changes earlier this year), but EU regulators are reported to be looking into this also, according to Bloomberg.
When changes in the management, use, and sharing of consumer data are pressed by local regulators, the need for operational efficiency may lead to global developments in data privacy features for some of the most popular online platforms.

Author: Kurt Johnson

I am a 1L at the University of Michigan Law School

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