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Industry/Civil Liberties Coalition Calls for ECPA Reform

A coalition of industry and civil liberties organizations yesterday launched an effort to modify the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and in particular the provisions of the Stored Communications Act, to ensure privacy protections extend to information in the cloud.  Rather than attempt a full rewrite of ECPA, the coalition focused on a handful of the most important issues – those that are arising daily under the current law: access to email and other private communications stored in the cloud, access to location information, and the use of subpoenas to obtain transactional data.  The coalition includes AOL, AT&T, eBay, Google, Integra Telecom, Intel, Loopt, Microsoft, as well as a host of civil liberties organizations articulated four principles to guide lawmakers in developing changes.  Senator Leahy and Congressman Conyers have indicated that they will each hold hearings on the issue this year.  The principles are described below.  More information is available at

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