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Federal Trade Commission to Host Third Roundtable on Privacy

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The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) is preparing for the third and final roundtable discussion on privacy.  The first roundtable was held in December 2009 in Washington, DC, to explore privacy implications of developing technology and business practices that collect and use of consumer data.  This event was followed by a second roundtable in Berkley, CA in January 2010.  The discussion in Berkley focused on benefits and risks created by technology and the privacy implications of social networking, cloud computing, and mobile marketing. 


The third roundtable will be held on March 17, 2010 in Washington, DC.  At this event, panelists will discuss the collection and use of “sensitive” information.  In preparation for this roundtable, the FTC has requested comments on the following issues:


  • How can we best achieve accountability for best practices or standards for commercial handling of consumer data?  Can consumer access to and correction of their data be made cost effective?  Are there specific accountability or enforcement regimes that are particularly effective? 
  • What potential benefits and concerns are raised by emerging business models built around the collection and use of consumer health information?  What, if any, legal protections do consumers expect apply to their personal health information when they conduct online searches, respond to surveys or quizzes, seek medical advice online, participate in chat groups or health networks, or otherwise?
  • Should “sensitive” information be treated or handled differently than other consumer information?  How do we determine what information is “sensitive”?  What standards should apply to the collection and uses of such information?  Should information about children and teenagers be subject to different standards and, if so, what should they be? 


For those who cannot join the discussion in person, a live webcast of this conference will be available at the FTC’s website

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