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Alberta says Ticketmaster not allowed to mandate consent for secondary purposes

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The Canadian Privacy Law Blog has the text of an announcement from the Alberta Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner that Ticketmaster violated PIPA by requiring customers to consent to share information with concert promoters for marketing purposes.

OIPC found that Ticketmaster’s privacy policy was "complex and ambiguous" and its opt-out process "did not allow customers to make an informed decision about consent nor did it offer customers a reasonable opportunity to decline or object to the use of their personal information for event providers’ marketing purposes." Customers cannot continue with a ticket purchase unless they agree to Ticketmaster’s "Use of Personal Information" privacy statement, which authorizes Ticketmaster to share the email address with concert promoters for marketing purposes. 

Ticketmaster has agreed to a number of changes to bring it into compliance, including an online and telephone opt-in for sharing customer information with promoters and a revision to its privacy policy (including a navigable, hyperlinked table of contents).

A copy of the full investigation report is available at the OIPC website.

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