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Do consumers care about privacy, or just not being surprised?

Seth Godin’s blog (via Consumerist) argues that most consumers are okay with practices and technologies that might be considered more privacy-invasive, so long as they’re not surprised by the outcome. His prescription for keeping away from the dark side?

"Make promises, keep them, avoid surprises. That’s what most people (and the profitable people) want."


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Privacy Update teleconference, Dec. 13

Privacy and Information Security Committee members are invited to join us on Dec. 13 at 1-2 pm EST for the December Privacy brown bag teleconference. This monthly call, hosted jointly with the Corporate Counseling Committee, provides a regular forum for discussing new privacy and data security happenings (like recent legislation, noteworthy enforcement activity, market news and general privacy items of interest). Click here for more information about the Committee’s programs and events.